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Visa4UK fees

and what kind of visa to apply

UK visa fees

Immigration and nationality fees

- for all applications made from outside and within the UK.

This document tells you how much it costs to apply for a UK visa from 6 April 2017 and includes previous fees. It shows fees for all visas including:

  • visitor
  • work
  • student
  • settlement
  • naturalisation

Use this tool to work out the cost of your UK visa application.

Before you start

Visa application fees

Table document visa fees download PDF

You can check what visa you need to come to the UK - eg a work, study or visit visa.

What’s your nationality as shown on your passport or travel document?

If you’re a refugee or don’t have a passport or travel document, select ‘Stateless or refugee’.

Check if you need a UK visa - what kind visa UK

Settled status and pre-settled status in the UK

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